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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top 10 Android Tablets 2015 India

Top 10 Android Tablets 2015

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)

This is pretty much the fastest Android tablet out there, with an excellent display to spice things up further. S-Pen gets an enhanced ecosystem, and Samsung's plethora of features are all here.

2. Nexus 7 2nd Gen (2013) (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)

Stock Android, access to the latest Google OS, a gorgeous display and great specs

3.Sony Xperia Tablet Z (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)

  1. XOLO Play Tegra Note Tab (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)
  4. Huawei MediaPad 10 Link (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)
  6. Asus FonePad (Top 10 Android Tablets 2015)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Education Then and Now in India by DishaPublication

Education is the key to success and a fat paycheck (most of the times it is!), though what comes in between is a prolonged struggle of incessant hours of mugging up several books accompanied by sleepless nights without any scope of living life to the fullest until one reaches the ultimate glory of success.

Education Then and Now in India, education India, education now, education then

For more information about Education then and Now in India you may ping at http://www.dishapublication.com/blog/education-then-and-now-in-india/

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Online Bookstore

isha Publication, an online bookstore is emerging as one of the leading publishers in India, is leaving no stone unturned to cater to the education sector and its respective needs demanded by the students. Competitive exams in India have been given the utmost significance; be it engineering, civil services, management or medicine. Owing to a stiff competition, only one in hundreds gets a seat in respect with thousands of students who apply for competitive exams each year. Keeping in mind, the egalitarian approach, these examinations prove to be a yardstick for selecting the best students from the masses who appear for such exams.

Disha Publication, an online bookstore in India has made its own mark in providing the best preparation material for various competitive exams. Launched in 2001, with only handful of employees, Disha embarked upon a journey to create such books which have, not only helped the students to a great extent but also created a benchmark for the contemporaries publishing preparation books for exams in the market. Initially, Disha Publication started off with engineering and medical exams preparation books.
Now, Disha also provides preparation books for MBA entrance exams and many more. With exam preparation material just a click away, the distribution of books couldn't be easier, especially for those students who are engrossed in cracking competitive exams and prefer online shopping and thus, buy books online.
Disha has its own website, Dishapublication.com to help all competitive exam aspirants search and get exam preparation material with ease.
This online website offers a string of competitive exam preparation books ranging from IIT-JEE preparation material to AIPMT books, served according to an aspirant's needs and problems. Engineering exam books authored by renowned professors are offered in each subject, be it organic chemistry or physics or solved question papers of previous years. Medical entrance exam books for AIPMT and NEET have been made available by Disha Publication. Civil services exams such as CTAT have been covered well enough through solved papers of previous years along with GATE exams and many more. Books on general awareness are also published regularly so as to provide the students, a complete package engulfing the latest news from all over the world. MBA preparation books for CAT, XAT exams long with CMAT entrance guide are also provided with updates. Buy books online from Disha Publication as per your required needs and preferences.
Essentially, Disha has focused on publishing paperbacks though with the ever increasing demand for e-books, Disha considered this opportunity well enough to reach out larger masses of students.
Disha has an active Facebook fan page where it seeks queries and suggestions from the students. Regular quiz contests are also held to involve students into creativity infused questions
Disha has been consistently performing in a way which has helped students to find solutions in a lucid manner. Be it engineering exam books or MBA preparation material or civil services examination material, Disha has maintained the same level of excellence for over 5 years in providing the informative test material to students.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Information on Math Olympiad

Olympiad competitions are reputed as the best competitions in every part of the world and India is not an exception either, best of the best scholars from all reputed schools takes part in this competition, which is held in almost every subject being taught in our schools. Math Olympiad in India is pretty famous among students and teachers and almost every scholar dreams about being part of this prestigious competition and goes through various traditional and online math programs to do well in this competition.

So, for helping our students preparing for Math Olympiad in India, here we are with some information about Math Olympiad. Here is information about the total process of this competition, including stages and programs during the program, thus one can prepare themselves for the same with variety of online math lessons and programs that can help them to achieve the desired goal.

Math Olympiad the Whole Process:
Selection Process:
One should know that Math Olympiad is an international competition and winners of the competition get huge opportunities for higher studies and a glorious career, so one has to practice hard through online math lessons thus he can make big in Math Olympiad. Now to reach that level one has to go through INMO (Indian National Math Olympiad) which is conducted by MO Cell in February month of each year.
Starting At School:
Your persuasion for Math Olympiad always starts from getting good in mathematics and numeric problems. One can do that by practicing mantle math on regular bases and getting better and better with numbers.
Going for RMOTC:
RMOTC is Regional Math Olympiad Training Camp, being organized by MO cell in various parts of India, this is a condition camp for all aspirants who are looking forward to make big in Math Olympiad in India and International.
Regional Math Olympiad or say RMO is the official start of Olympiad; it is a state level competition, where candidates from each state compete with each other to get ahead in the next level of the competition. This year’s RMO is scheduled to be held on 1st of December in two sessions 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 4 P.M. (students of class IX to XII can apply for RMO)
Note: If you are looking forward to participate in RMO, you can apply now as the applications are open till October 31, 2013.
There are various prizes and scholarships available for the students who do well in this competition i.e. Mukul Chaudhuri Memorial Prize, etc.
Another training camp being held by MO Cell in Kolkata every year, all the winners of RMO will attend this camp and get prepared for the next level of competition. INMOTC is known for their extensive math programs and math lessons that help all aspirants to get ready for the international level of competition.
Al though dates of next time camp is not decided yet but the venue is same as always (ISI, Kolkata).
INMO or say Indian National Math Olympiad, top rankers from each region’s (27 regions in total) RMO takes part in INMO to fight for representing India at the final stages of the competition. Each region selects 30-35 students for the INMO and at most 6 students are selected from Class XII. The INMO is held on the First Sunday of February each year in Kolkata. It is a 4 hour test where student is supposed to solve 6 to 8 problems.
Committee selects 30 students for the next and final level of competition and a bad news for class XII students as they don’t select more than 6 students from class XII. From which 6 students goes and participate in IMO.
Final Stage IMO:
International Math Olympiad is the final stage of competition where teams from more than 100 countries competes to win this prestigious competition and open the gates of large opportunities for  great career and higher education through amazing scholarships and various other perks.
IMO is six-problem, 42-point for four hour competition and next IMO is scheduled to be held in Cape Town, which will be the 55th IMO.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kid Games for Android Tablet India 'Dirty Pond'

Classteacher Learning Systems
 introduced its new education android game "The Dirty Pond" on Google Play. The Dirty Pond is one of the best learning android games for enabling kids and children to pick up a variety of cognitive and developmental skills. Classteacher Learning Systems has been empowering technology solutions for K-12 since 1999 and is the first company to introduce interactive classrooms in India. It has already set its footprint in more than 1000+ schools and reformed the learning process for more than 2 million students. Today the company has an entire gamut of digital education solutions for K-12.

The Dirty Pond contains a story that is automatically read out loud in a captivating manner. In order to help children learn to pronounce words, a built-in feature pronounces individual words when the user taps on those words in the story text. As children move through the educational apps, not only do they become friends with a motley bunch of animal characters, but they also learn about the importance of clean water and clean surroundings, taking decisions, appealing to society for change, helping each other in times of need, and much more.

The Dirty Pond contains several built-in fun, educational apps activities that children would love to do over and over again. A variety of drawing, coloring, and sketching tools, combined with an unlimited palette of colors is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment to your child. Activities like dialogue recognition and identifying synonyms build cognitive skills, whereas those like writing the moral of the story and sharing it to Facebook help in developing analytical skills, while at the same time being fun, too!
According to Mr. Sameer Buti – Director, Classteacher Learning Systems, “This android edu game is one of the best education apps which we have launched so far. This game will keep kids and children busy and constructively engaged for hours at a time, while giving them the building blocks for better, enhanced learning throughout their life. We are putting lots of efforts on the visuals of the education apps to make it more engaging for the kids and children”.