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3D Educational Software Solutions

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3D Solution in Smart Classrooms
Classteacher 3D solution allows teachers to teach complex concepts whilst engaging students and bringing lesson content to life. 3D learning experience helps students to learn in a virtual environment, allowing them to get into the depth of the subject. For example, get inside the human heart to understand its functions, understand the creation of Harappan Civilization, etc.  
Classteacher Learning Systems offer two different kinds of Education Software in 3D modules.  
Education Software Mono 3D :- Mono 3D modules make it simple for students to learn through 3D images and lay emphasis on the basics of the concept. on the basics of the concept.

Education Software Stereoscopic 3D :- Stereoscopic 3D takes learning to the next level- engrossing students and helping them easily visualize even difficult concepts. These are to be viewed with polarizing glasses.

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