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Mind Shaper Technologies: Top 5 Android Apps Of The Week

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There are more than 700,000 apps currently available in Play Store, which is growing at a fast pace. This makes keeping track of new and useful apps increasingly difficult. We bring to you some of the apps of the past week (either launched or updated), which deserves your attention.


Think of Appsurfer as ‘Try and buy in shopping’ for apps. How many times you are in the dilemma that you like an app, but not sure whether it would suit your taste? With Appsurfer, you can search for that app and use it via appsurfer for a trial period of 15 minutes. If you like the app, then install it, else you can exit app.
You can try both paid and free apps through Appsurfer. However, not all apps are present in Appsurfer. Also, the app is heavily dependent upon network connection for seamless working.

Google Play Movies

GooglePlayMovies and TV
GooglePlayMovies and TV
Google Play store is not just about apps anymore, after about a month of launching Play Books in India, Google has now launched Play Movies. Similar to Books, Movies can be synced across devices and on web through this app. The app allows the streaming of the movie or downloading it completely for offline viewing. The movies from Play store can either be purchased or rented. Rented movies must be watched within 30 days, and once their playback is started, they must be finished in 24 hours. Movies which are purchased can synced on up to 5 devices at a time.
Apart from watching movies purchased from Play store, the app also acts as an organizer for your personal videos.


Fynchfor Twitter
Fynchfor Twitter
Twitter started as real time conversation tool, but now people are using it for information dissemination as well as information consumption by knowing latest news and happenings. At times, I get to know about some news, new tech happening through twitter only. But, this has made twitter complex as well, you might miss out some important tweets. Fynch come to the rescue against problem. Fynch analyzes your twitter timeline for interesting patterns of activity, thus you get to know what’s being talked about. It also categorizes your timeline into smaller set of tweets making it easier to go through them.  But, the app doesn’t works as a standalone twitter client, it requires official twitter client to reply, retweet or favorite the tweet.

Rethink Free
With so many things going on in our head, we tend to forget things, that’s where phone reminders help us out. But, if the reminder comes out a wrong time, we simply dismiss it. Rethink aims to change this by bringing reminders at the right time, based on number of triggers. The trigger for reminding a task can set when you arrive at a particular location, contact or get contacted by someone (including phone calls and text messages), connect to a specific Wi-Fi network and many more ways. The best part is that a task can be set with multiple triggers.
The free app lets you create Trigger on the basis of time and location, while for creating triggers based on contact or network, one has to purchase pro version. One problem with the app is that whenever a task is created, it records the location for the same, which needs GPS, resulting in lot of battery drain and sometimes the location check takes a very long time.


This is not an app, rather it’s a website, which can be visited on any device be it a computer or a mobile.The service is created by the creators of an awesome application called Dark Sky for iOS. They’ve now bring the goodness of seeing weather information in a beautiful interface through this web app. The web app gives you weather forecasting for next 7 days based on your location, if you want more details then simply click on any day. The web app best feature is that it works seamlessly across any Android phones & devices and well if you like simply add this website into homescreen!

Digital Classroom : Mind Shaper Technologies: Top 5 Android Apps Of The Week: There are more than 700,000 apps currently available in Play Store, which is growing at a fast pace. This makes keeping track of new and us...
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